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Working 40 hours a week and taking is summer class is tough. However, we all have tough situations we have to go through in life and our lives are determined in how we respond to these situations. This week was very tiring. The assignments were killing me! I was very confused at points but I got through it. I did up enjoying what we had to this week because I really enjoy making sounds and having my voice heard. When I started this week, I was not happy about how long everything was taking me to understand. I have some experience in the past with some audio software, but that did not seem to matter, as everything felt like it was going from one ear to the other. Once I started to get the hang of things my results got better. I can say that I’m proud of my work this week.

How I feel after this week.

For my first audio assignment, I decided to go with the ds106 rap. I thought that this would be a good assignment for me as I like to rap.  I decided to chose an instrumental by Kid Ocean and downloaded through my computer via youtube-mp3 converter. I really enjoyed this assignment because I was really able to express myself. I would consider this the most fun assignment I did because I was smiling and laughing during the time I was recording it. I think I did a good job on the track because I made it sound really good. I used GarageBand to record the song. Check it out.    


The second assignment I did was the required assignment. For this story we had to make a story by using sound effects. I spent a lot of time on this assignment because it took a lot of time for me to fully understand what was going on.  The intro starts out with an intro that takes the audience to what is going on. A man is woken up by his chickens on his farm as a gang attempts to kill him. To make this story I used to find some of the sounds needed to complete this assignment. I also used some clips off of Youtube.  I used GarageBand to do this assignment. Check this out.

The next assignment I did was the ordering at some fast food restaurant with an accent. I acted like I was a southern person ordering from McDonalds. I decided to do McDonald’s because it is the most common place to go at 3 in the morning and order fast food. For this assignment, I used GarageBand. I made it sound like it was going through an ordering machine as I wanted it to sound as realistic as possible. This one definitely one of the easier assignments for the week.  Check this out.

The next assignment I did was record the sounds of two instruments playing together. I thought that this assignment was pretty easy. For the assignment, I played my Bongo and recorded my playing onto GarageBand. After I did this, I added a guitar rift that sounded well with my Bongo. I really enjoyed this assignment because I love making music. Check this out.

The final audio assignment I did this week was being the DJ and playing a song. For this assignment I had to spend a lot of time on GarageBand. It was important to me that I got the job done on this one. It was fun to play around and create an instrumental . I had a great experience with this assignment and hope to do something like this again. You can view it here.

For my first daily create this week, we had to catch a phrase. To catch a phrase, you have to find a picture and put an appropriate caption on it. For my catch a phrase, I put a picture of the Fat Boys. The caption of the picture was all you can eat. I thought this was an appropriate phrase for the caption because because the Fat Boys are most famous for their song all you can eat. You can view this here.

The second daily create I did this week was make my desk into a recording studio. This process is not as bad as it seems as I didn’t have to change anything. I like it when I use my desk as a recording studio because it gives me space to place my items that I use to record my music. You can view this here. 

The third daily create I did was to annotate an ancient text. I think this one was hard for me because I could not read the written language. I had trouble making any sort of annotation, which made me really sit down and focus in. It was tough to get this assignment done but I did it. I used photoshop touch to create the annotations. You can view this here. 

The final daily create I did was another catch a phrase. I did this by creating words that had totally different meanings, but similar word structure. This assignment was difficult but I was able to get through. Find similar words was quite a challenge. I hope we never have to do anything like that again. You can view this here. 

The Moon Graffiti podcast was very interesting. It had an interesting concept, as it was an alternative ending to Apollo 11, as the crew members of the spaceship died. It resulted in Richard Nixon giving the US nation a speech about what happened. While these events were very interesting, the sound effects that were used during the podcast, are the deciding factor in what makes this piece so special. When the actors were talking into the dispatch unit, it sounded like the radio transactions that the members of that spaceship crew had. I really appreciated listening to that part. I also enjoyed the parts in which an actor portrayed the voice of  Richard Nixon. I loved hearing the speech because it sounded like some audio clip from that time period. It’s crazy to think that we can replicate sounds to make it seem like we’re from another period. You can read my full report here.

When I got to watch the Ira Glass videos, I thought he did a great of explaining what audio storytelling was. He explained that there were two types of building blocks to a story. The first anecdote, which describes what the story is and what is the sequence of story’s actions.  The purest form  of Anecdote is  one event that leads to the next. Even if it’s the most boring story, you can make it exciting by sequencing everything.  Ira Glass states that if you add a story with sequence,  the audience feels like “they are in a train that is going into a certain direction”.  Glass also points out that making bait, raising questions, are also other things that people have to do in order to keep their audience interested.

The other building block is a moment of reflection. It’s the reason why your story is special. It’s the reason why people listen to your story. While you can have a great anecdote, it means nothing if you don’t have a good moment of reflection.  Making a quality moment of reflection is time consuming, but the result is definitely worth it.

In the second  Ira Glass video, Ira talks about how hard is it to find a decent story. Finding the story can be as long or longer than the producing of the story. This process of finding a decent story is the most important as it sets the base for everything else to put its weight upon. For example, Ira Glass and his team spend about half a week looking for stories. They then pick stories that they think are interesting. After this process is completed, they chose about half of those stories and do something with them.

Other things you have to consider while doing stories are the factors of that you can’t control. These factors include the performance of the interviewee, the functioning of the equipment, etc. These factors play a big role in the overall performance.

Another point he elaborates on is how you have to accept the fact that sometimes your work will suck and you can do nothing about it. You have to accept the fact and move on. In Jad Abumrad’s video, Jad talks about how audio storytelling can be very fascinating as having the ability to describe something and put an image into someone’s head is very special. You can find my full report on the videos here. 



In the TED Radio Hour Demo, the speaker talks about how a woman who taught at MIT changed the audio game. The speaker tells us how the teacher and her graduate students went to a nursing home and saw an elderly person interact with a robot. The robot was very special. It had human like traits. The robot was sociable, and was able to have a positive interaction with humans. The robot had fur, was able to understand basic english words, and provided a source of happiness to elderly people. When the elderly woman had told the robot about the loss of her son, the robot was able to respond with a form of sympathy. This made the woman cry. It was a significant event for Humans and technology. It also made me realized that if I use certain audio techniques, then I can make an impact on how people interpret the words I’m saying. The ScottLo clips were great to hear. ScottLo did a great job talking about various ds106 audio assignments. He also talks about how to do various tricks on the Audacity software. My favorite episode from the series was Lo Down episode 9. In this episode, ScottLo talks about what a bumper is. He uses Dr. Oblivion, which was very interesting. The intro starts out with a spooky background, followed by an interesting sequence of events. The example goes above and beyond the baseline. You can read more about it here. 

I think I did a great job of being active on other people’s blog accounts. It was important to me this week to understand/appreciate the quality of work that my peers did. You can learn so much from a different point of view. I think it’s great that it’s encouraged in this class to share your opinion about other student’s work. You can view my full post here.   

Going above and beyond by responding to comments about my work from other students.


I think I did a great job of making quality music. I have pride in my music production and I believe that I showcased my talents this week. I still think I could do better in my time management, as I tend to struggle with prioritizing. I think that I should also seek more help from my teacher as well as my peers, as I believe I don’t ask enough questions about assignments, etc. I think that I could also do better if I went above and beyond, by watching more videos about the topics we are covering. I think that I could also do a better job of understanding the assignment, as I tend to overthink as I’m more worried about my performance more than the art I’m trying to create in the assignment. I elaborate furthermore about  my strengths/weaknesses in this post.




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