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This week was very exciting. I had a great time completing the assignments. While they took some time, it was great to see that my hard work was paying dividends. I think that I learned a lot from this week. I really like make videos, it’s a great form of art that enables you to fully express yourself.  Recording myself is a hobby of mine,  as I like to use apps such as Snapchat and Instagram to show the world what I am currently up to. I think that the techniques that we learned in this week’s lessons are very relevant to the construction of my future videos. I think that I will try to use these techniques to help articulate my viewpoints better. It was also beneficial learning about these techniques as a fan of movies, because I now will be able to get a better understanding of what the director is trying to articulate to the audience.

Part 1 : Video Assignments

Video Assignment 1: How to Tutorial – 4 stars

Video Assignment 2:  Play that back  – 3.5 stars

Total stars: 7.5 Stars

Part 2. Daily Creates

Daily Creates for week 4

Part 3. Look, Listen, and Analyze

Look, Listen, Analyze summary

Part 4.  Roger Ebert’s reading movies

How to read a movie

Part 5.  Comments

I tried to be more responsive to people commenting on my post’s this week. I believe that it is important to respond to other people’s comments as it shows that you’re participating the way you should be and it also shows that you are going above and beyond the expectations that are being given to you.

Part 6.  Reflection part

I think that even though there were less assignments this week, I still had to invest plenty of time. As a result, I did not manage my time like I was supposed to.  I think that really surprised me, because I expected to complete these assignments earlier than I did. For the final week, I have to manage my time better if I want to succeed. This is a lesson that I should apply to all aspects of my life. I think that I also could have done a better job of going above and beyond in my video assignments. While I worked diligently on these assignments, I think I rushed the process of creating the video. I should have committed more time into my creative process, as I think I could have made higher quality videos. I think that my experiences with IMovie  has made me confident in my video editing abilities, but I feel like I didn’t edit the videos enough. I aspire to be the best, and while I think I did a good job, you can always improve. It’s a great experience to take this class, not only for the educational lessons you learn in the class, but also for the life lessons you learn in this class. It’s distracting taking a summer course. Especially one that is online. I’m used to taking classes in person. I think that this experience has been a positive one for me in terms of improving my habits, as I’m now more committed to getting the job done the right way. This is a lesson that has affected me more directly now than it did in the past. I believe that it’s for the better that I learn that lesson now than later. I think it will help not only improve my quality of work in this class, but also help improve the quality of my life.


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