the circle of lyfe

This is the collage I made for the Who are you assignment. For this assignment I once again used photoshop touch. Using Photoshop touch made this assignment very easy to complete. I picked these three images because they are great representations of myself. Gilbert Arenas is one of my heroes and is a DMV legend. His skill and personality were second to none. He will be in the hearts of DC sports fans forever. Kenny Powers is the ultimate lad. He lives life with a rockstar mentality and is what people would call a bonafide baller. I believe the Macbook is a great third picture because I’m always on my computer. I also use a lot of technology.  I chose the background because it looked cool and I’m into that genre of art.

Step 1

Go to Photoshop touch and create a collage. Choose trippy background.

Step 2

Add photo layer with Macbook pro image

Step 3

Add photo layer with Gilbert Arenas

Step 4:

Add photo layer with Image of Kenny Powers

Assignment: Who are You?

Stars: 3.5


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