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Kareem is my only competition. That’s it. In this assignment, we had to pick a certain sports play. In this video I try to replicate the sky hook shot, a lethal basketball move. The sky hook shot is regarded as one of the hardest shots to guard. It was perfected by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, whose sky hook was so good that it changed the game of basketball forever. The shot was so hard to block because Kareem used his height (He was over 7 feet) and his altered delivery (he shot it from his ear) to his advantage. While I can’t use the move as effectively as Kareem did (I’m only 5’9), I still am able to use the move with success. I typically like to use this move when I’m attacking the basket, but can’t perform a layup as someone is protecting the rim. In this video I display my sky hook, and attempt to perform the move from both sides of the hoop. I think that being able to use the Sky Hook with both of your hands is important, because it makes your defender have to guard you squared up, as he can’t play you from one side. To film this video, I had to use the stem of the basketball hoop from the other side of the court as a phone holder. I wish I could have had a camera pod on me as it would have helped give me a balanced look.  I think that while I could have maybe trimmed the video a little bit more, I really like how I attempt to use the move with both of my hands, as it helps give my audience perspective about how hard it is to execute this move.

Assignment: Play that back

Stars: 3.5

Step 1. Attack the hoop

Step 2: Get on up

Step 3: Let it fly

Step 4: Swish

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