Making music with me

I’m In this post, I talk about how to make a song with GarageBand. This assignment was pretty difficult.  I was recording this song while using GarageBand on my mac. I usually record music with GarageBand off my iPad. The mac version I have is more up to date, so there was an adjustment period for me. Making the song takes a lot of time. It normally takes me a few hours to make a song. I made this specific song in about a couple of hours. I had to make my assignment a little bit different than what the prompt asks for because the background music I was attempting to use did not mesh well with the music I was creating in the video. This part of my editing took a long time because I was trying to find a sound that would mesh well with my video, but I ended up coming empty handed in terms of that.  The editing of this video was also a hassle because I used IMovie off my iPhone. This was a transition for me, because I was used to using an older version of IMovie off my iPad. Despite all the difficulties and setbacks I had during the recording and editing of this video, I was able to make a final product that I have a lot of pride in.


Assignment: How To Tutorial

Stars: 4

Step 1: find your first instrumental

Step 2: Add second instrumental and extend loops.

Step 3: Play out instrumental to get mind going

Step 4: Write out lyrics

Step 5: Listen to newly recorded vocals.

Step 6: Make changes to the sound of the audio

Step 7:  Play out final product

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