Design in designer

I had a great time doing the designblitz. It really made me get creative and think outside of the box.


I took a portrait of myself of my Ipad using the photo booth function. I used thermal camera edit as I thought it looked the coolest. I think that the picture is a great example of how  colors can make an emotion inside the picture. The combination of Red, Yellow, and Green on the top of my face than a transition to blue beneath that.


This topography is the changing of one phrase, in regards to its font and color. The font is red and is in photoshop touch’s generic text.  I changed the font to blue and to a different text layout. It was very interesting to me how these two little edits made such a big impact on my picture.





Proportion: This photo displays the portion of my face to everything else that is in this photo. I took this photo via my iphone. This photo represents how much bigger my face is than everything that surrounds it in the photo. It is interesting to see that if you take an image a certain way, it can totally change the view of an image, as well as what the image is representing.





In this photo, I take an image that gives off dominance. The Macbook is much bigger in sized compared to the Iphone. This allows it to take up more space in the image. The main point of dominance is the table, as it is larger than the other two objects.

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