Reading Movies with the sound off

For this assignment, we had to evaluate what was going on in a movie scene. The scene of the movie I chose was Fight Club.  Growing up, Fight Club was one of my favorite movies. I personally think Edward Norton Jr. and Brad Pitt do a great job in this movie. They both work very well together in this movie.  In the scene I chose, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) is interrogating the police chief. He and his gang Project Mayhem are intentionally inflicting fear into the police chief. They tie him up and tape his mouth shut so they can get into his head. They also inflict fear into him by showing their weapons they have. I really like how the camera man uses certain camera techniques to get his point across.

Amount of times camera angles switch- 8

When the camera points to the man who’s tied up and taped down, it implies that the camera is trying to give off a vibe that the man is fearful of what could happen to him. When the camera goes to the group of who are currently interrogating the camera gives off the connotation that these individuals have the upper hand. They are looking at the man with a “truck shot” camera angle. It was also interesting to see that when Tyler Durden was coming closer to the screen as he started to his tone kept getting more dark.

It’s interesting to hear the audio without watching the video because it makes the listener have a better feeling of the intensity that the group of people led by Tyler have when they are talking to the man who’s tied up.  They are clearly trying to give off a dark tone, as they are expressing their angry emotions towards the police chief. You can also feel the fear in the man who is tied up, as he is desperate in that he is fearful of what will happen to him. His muffled voice represents that of a man who is attempting to make a plea that his life does not get ended. 

When I watched the scene with my eyes fixated on the screen and the volume fully turned up, I realized that some of the men who were torturing the man were in masks, while some of them were not in masks. This interests me because why would some of the men be in masks while there are others who are not in masks? Do these people in the masks have to hide from the person being interrogated? Why would some of the men show their faces to the police chief? Are they so confident that the chief will be able to do nothing to them?

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