Technology is something else man

The Lo Down Episodes were very interesting to hear. I really enjoyed listening to what the speaker had to say about using the Audacity software. He seemed to know a lot about the software and how the system worked. My favorite episode throughout the series was Lo Down Episode 9. In Lo Down Episode 9, I really like the intro. The intro music really made me get into it. The speaker has such a great, articulate voice. The intro was great as it showed what a bumper was. Even though I didn’t create a bumper, I think it would be something cool to do sometime in the future. In the post, the speaker gives many different audio bumper examples. One of the bumpers, Dr. Oblivion, was very interesting. The intro starts out as a spooky background, followed by an interesting sequence of events. The example goes above and beyond the baseline. The speaker finds it interesting that they are many different ways to record these assignments, as you can use special tools that will make something sound totally different than what it originally sounded like. This was a good one for me to listen to because I tried to use some of the ideas that were discussed in this post in my own work.

In the TED Radio Hour Demo, the speaker talks about how a woman who taught at MIT changed the audio game. The speaker tells us how the teacher and her graduate students went to a nursing home and saw an elderly person interact with a robot. The robot was sociable, and was able to have a positive interaction with humans. The robot had fur, was able to understand basic english words, and provided a source of happiness to elderly people. When the elderly woman had told the robot about the loss of her son, the robot was able to respond with a form of sympathy. It was an interesting point, as it brought up the conversation of technology and how it connects/disconnects humans.

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