Man on the moon

In the Moon Graffiti post, it was awesome to see the different techniques that were being used. One of these techniques included making a dispatch like tool to sound like a radio the astronauts were using. When I heard this technique, I could visualize the astronauts talking to each other, panicking about what was about to happen. I felt like I was watching one of the Apollo movies, wondering what would happen next.

The next sequence of events in the story is an written speech that was made by Richard Nixon, talking about how the astronauts died on the moon. It was crazy to hear a speech for a scenario that could have easily happened. The way the actors sounded during the part of this speech, literally sounded like a speech from the president during that era.

As the story goes on, the actors who are playing as the astronauts are talking to each other about how to further progress on their mission. They unfortunately are not able to complete their mission as there was a malfunction in their technology. They sound like they are using a dispatch unit, and are talking to each other through it like it is a radio.

The last part of the post, goes back to the emergency speech President Nixon had in hand. He talks about how these men are special for what they did and how they have changed history forever. He also talks about how there will be many more missions like this in the future. The special technique on this part of the audio post, was something similar to the part of where the speech began earlier in the post.

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