Here for a book review, hbu

When Massimo Vinelli came out with Vignelli Canon, it was a game changer in the Graphic Design industry. Many of the topics discussed in this great novel have been implemented in the thought process of many artists in today’s world. The book is short, simple, and to the point. While I can talk about many things in this book, I’ve decided to pick a few topics that I believe make this book so special.

The intangibles

In this book, Vinelli says that the there are three things in design that are very important. These three things are Semantics, Syntactics, and Pragmatics. Semantics he says, is the search of the meaning of whatever we have to design. During his search for a new design, he does extensive research. This includes searching for more information about the company, the product, competitors of the product, and the real meaning of the subject. In this part of the book he also states that semantics is what will provide the true meaning of a project, as it provides the project its foundation.

Syntactics are used to represent the discipline that is the picture’s meaning. For example, the syntactics used in Graphic Design, include the overall structure, the grid, the typefaces, the text and headlines. He says that achieving Syntactic consistency is important. He states this is achieved by relative sizes, relationship between grids and images from the page to page, etc. He then states that Grids are one of the many tools that helps designers achieve syntactical consistency in graphic design.

Vinelli then talks about how Pragmatics are very important because its role is important in pictures as they display the understanding of the design. He also claims that the Clarity of intent translating into the clarity of result is important. He makes the point that complicated and confusing designs reveal the complications and confusions the creator was suffering during the time of the design.  He also states that artists try to make their work go deeper than what is going on in current times. He claims that is important because art needs to be timeless. He feels that there is a need for creators of any art work, to live by this guideline as it makes them a better artist.


The tangibles

A couple of important parts of the tangibles were the color and sequence.

Vinelli says that the primary colors are Red, Blue, and Yellow. He believes that every work of art has a specific message, and the color in a work of art plays an important role in creating that message. He believes that different colors are used in paintings to describe a certain mood, belief, theme, etc. He also says that while color is important in the creation of projects, there is less wiggle room in terms of an artist being able to fully to articulate their thoughts. He also says that appropriateness is one of the rules that we use in picking the color for our design, as the knowledge of a color’s effectiveness is crucial in creating the perfect picture.

Vinelli says that sequence is important as anything else in someone’s enjoyment of reading. The sequence of images in book, magazine, etc. is crucial as these images are representation of what is being written about. It is also important that these images are held to a high standard so the reader does not lose interest in what they are reading. He says that getting the best sequence is by going with a simple formula for the processing of the layout. This simple layout gives an artist rewarding results especially when it’s not repetitive.

This book really changed how I look at Graphic Designing. I will use the lessons I’ve learned from this reading to make myself better in this area. I would recommend anyone to read this book as it will provide you with important information that you will help you become a more successful artist.

Weekly Summary

Week 1 Summary

1.Setting up the blog and social media

In the past, I’ve used WordPress at UMW. Even though I have used it in the past, it took me some time to get back into it. I struggled at first with how to make multiple pages, only realizing that skill today. I decided to make my website, because I thought it would be easiest for me to find, while not getting traced by certain people who I don’t want to have my content exposed to. After working a little bit on my website, I transitioned my focus to creating my Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Soundcloud accounts. It was easy for me to make my accounts as I have created accounts for all those websites in the past before. While the website is going to be my main source of documentation for this class, these websites will be great supplementary contributions.

2. My introduction post.

My introduction post was short, sweet, and simple. I wasn’t trying to go for much. Just wanted to say what I had to say. 

In addition to that, I also made an intro youtube video 

3. The creation of my blog

When I created my blog, I wasn’t trying to blow people out of the water with my design. I just wanted something that made everything look smooth. I really liked the ‘Twenty Seventeen” as it gave me the right feeling. I kept the header as my blog photo (for now), as I believed that it was very fitting with my background. In addition to that, I also created an about me page. I believe that this is my favorite thing I’ve done so far because I felt like I had the most freedom regards to expressing myself with that topic.

4. Lessons in Photography

This week I learned a couple of lessons in photography.

The first lesson I learned was to create depth. I did this on my Converging lines photo. I tried to get a picture that was a great representation of the horizon during an ideal sunset. The sky was beautiful, it was nearly cotton candy like. In order to make this make great, I realized that I needed to create as much depth as possible. That’s what I exactly did.

The second lesson I learned was looking to the light. I did this on my photo in which I was looking towards the light. It sounds easy, but if you get the right amount of lighting, it can make a picture look very special. I think that I will now try to use lighting as advantage of mine when I make photos because it can make or break a photo.

5. The Photo Safari

The photo safari was a great experience. I was able to take many different photos with many different shots in a short amount of time. I decided to use my iPad for this assignment, as it was easier for me to upload my photos via iPad. When I took my photos, I was in a hotel. For the majority of the time I was in my hotel room working on the assignment, though I had to go outside and take a shot because it was so beautiful. I thought it was interesting to complete the assignment in a hotel, because in a hotel room you are confined to your room, so expressing yourself can be very difficult. This challenged me to bring my game to another level and I think I rose up to the challenge. I think the photo that was the most innovative was my abstract photo. My abstract photo was really ahead of its time. It was a photo on a photo on another photo. This type of art is not presented enough in today’s world! There needs to be more art like this. The experience was very fun and I hope to do it again sometime  soon.

6. My favorite photo of the week is easily my abstract photo. I love the innovation! The concept of the never-ending photo is something I’ve always tried to perfect. I think that one day I will be able to perfect the photo. Not many people appreciate the beauty behind it now, but when I perfect it I think I have the chance to become famous off of it. It is bold, it shows off personality and it is original.

7. Daily Creates

I posted all of my daily creates on my blog and on my twitter. I think that my favorite daily create is the one where I used a Steve Carrell GIF to express how I feel about getting to the milestone of sickness, in regards to McDonalds Big Mac’s. I think that I liked that GIF a lot because it was a great representation of what too much fast food does to a human being, it makes them regret ever thinking that greasy food was a good choice.


I ended up doing five visual assignments this week. I did My very own spubble, Color Changer, Hybrid, What’s the Meme, and a Portrait Collage.

9. I think that the biggest thing for me this week was my inability to manage my time well. While I did do work throughout the week, the amount of work I did during each day varied. I think that if I put in a more balanced effort next week, I will reap the benefits. I’m excited because I think I’m now starting to get a hang of things and this will result in me performing better next week. In addition, I also have to spend more time on taking photos. Many of my photos did not come out as nice as I would have expected them to be.

I think that my experiences with all of the social media websites in my past will help me perform well in this class. I am excited to use Soundcloud as it is one of my favorite apps to use. I love being able to express myself, and I really love it when there is a microphone around me. I cannot wait to see what we do with Soundcloud. Only time will tell.

This week I interacted with some of my classmates’ posts. I commented on Leni’s website, where I gave an in-depth response on his photo of the week (comment is awaiting moderation). I also retweeted something from ds106 daily create. In addition to that, I also commented on Marina’s #tdc2001. I think it is important to give and receive responses from your peers as it helps give you perspective on how you can improve.

Visual Assignment: Portrait Collage

This is a portrait collage I used for my dad’s birthday. I took some time into this collage as I wanted to make it look nice for my dad. I think I did a great job of displaying his great qualities in my collage. My dad was very happy that birthday. I think my collage had something to do with it.

Portrait collage

Visual Assignment: Color Changer

Here I’m riding in my mom’s car as we head up to New England for the weekend. I’m excited for the weekend as fourth of July weekend is one of the most fun weekends of the year. The traffic however, is some of the worst and I could definitely see the effects on how it affected my mom. I changed the color in this photo. Made a pretty significant difference to the photo.

Color Changer

Visual Assignment: Hybrid



In this picture I have combined a human and a horse. It’s another picture I made of my friend from my prep school. I remember putting this picture up on twitter a few years ago and it was a big hit. The kid who is in the photo, is definitely what some would term, a huge geek. It took me a little bit of time to put this piece together but it worked out well.

Visual Assignment: What’s the Meme?

This is a meme that is a picture of my friend from a few years back. The caption of the meme was a popular lyric from a Trey Songz song “bottoms up”. The meme caption fits the photo, as he tried to look as funny and ugly as possible. His double chin in the photo looks on point. Great photo, great meme, great memory. This picture is a great example of why meme’s are one of the best forms of communication in today’s world.

What's the meme

Visual Assignment: Very own Spubble

My very own Spubble

This picture was taken a few years ago. I was at study hall and contemplating how I could pass time quickly. I would get bored at study hall, as sometimes I would have already completed my homework before it started. I normally would spend most of my time at study hall exploring social media and watching movie trailers. This picture documents the beginning of that phase.


Photo of the week

My photo of the week is easily my abstract photo. I love the innovation! The concept of the never-ending photo is something I’ve always tried to perfect. I think that one day I will be able to perfect the photo. Not many people appreciate the beauty behind it now, but when I perfect it I think I have the chance to become famous off of it. It is bold, it shows off personality and it is original. In a world where everyone seems to copy everyone, I stand alone as I am an innovator. My photo is a representation for what will be the next trend in modern art.

Abstract photo