Man this was kind of tough. I had to spend a lot of time on this one.  What we had to accomplish for this assignment, was to make a post similar to that of PhaseChase, which is a bot that takes a word and automatically changes a letter. It then begins a string of tweet phrases in a list by changing the letters.

I think that I did well on the assignment because I invested a lot of time into it. The assignment made me think a lot. Thinking a lot can sometimes end up working for the better and in this case it definitely did.


The Fat Boys were one of the most influential hip hop groups in the late 1980’s. They had a funky style and their swag was on point. They embraced themselves for being fat and had a positive outlook about their weight. Their song “All You Can Eat” is a hip hop classic. When we were given this assignment, I could only think of one thing. The hook from the Fat Boys song “All You Can Eat”, which is “All You Can Eat”. I decided this would be what I would go with to complete this assignment.

Make the most of what you have

For this assignment, we were told to show an improvisation of something that we use everyday. For my improvisation, I decided to go with a picture of my improvised recording studio. I thought that this was a great picture that did a good job of representing myself. I like to record music, but I don’t have money to go into a professional studio on a weekly basis, so recording on my Ipad or MacBook is a much better choice. This is my current set-up, as I do my work on this desk. I like to use to lamp for when it gets dark and I need an extra light to see well enough. The Earth, Wind and Fire disk vinyl is a reminder to me of where I want to have my music go. It would be awesome to influence and play in front of millions, with words, concepts, instrumentals that you came up with on your own.

Ancient Languages weren’t made for me to read!

Sounds ignorant, but it’s true. I do not want to read a language that I have no reading comprehension level with, as I’ve never used it once in my life. I think that this daily create showed me a lot because of how beautiful of an assignment it was, even though I ended up not being much of a fan of the assignment because I could not understand the language that we were trying to read. Even though the assignment was difficult, I was able to get through it and get the job done.  I was really confused on what O > meant, as I’ve never seen that symbol in any language before.



you might have 2 chains, but i have 2 instruments

For this assignment we had to do something that was making an instrumental with two instruments. For this assignment, I used Garageband. Garageband is great in this type of situation because it helps you find the missing sound you were looking for to perfect your song. In this assignment, I decided to use my bongo, as I love the sounds it creates. Every time I hear the sound of a Bongo, I feel a certain, special rhythm that can’t be replicated by anything else. I think that I also feel a certain story every time I hear the Bongo being played. Finding a supplementary sound to the Bongo was difficult. I tried many things, such as using my table as another sound, but it just didn’t sound right. After a while I decided that adding a guitar rift would make the song sound perfect, so that’s what I did.

Step 1:

Record playing of Bongo

Step 2

Record playing of guitar riff


After you have completed step 2, you are done with the recording of the assignments.

Assignment: Being a music producer

Stars : 4.5

Go Dj, that’s my DJ

This right here, was a fun assignment. I loved doing this assignment because I love to create music. My music production isn’t the best, but I enjoy the overall process of music production. Using many different instruments to record a song is so fun! I get so fired up every time I do it, even if it’s not the best quality. For this assignment I tried to blend a lot of different instruments that are used for different genres into one. Blending different genres together is in essence like a melting pot of people with different ethnicities. I thought that I could make a solid song from uses all these instruments from different genres and blending them into one.

Step one:

Create a hip hop drum machine beat

Step 2

Create an classic drum beat.

Step 3

Create a house beat.

Step 4

Add a drum rift as well as a strings rift.

After completing step 4, you have created your instrumental.

Assignment: Play DJ and make a Song

Stars: 4.5

Had to do it to them with that heat

My favorite audio assignment I did this week was my ds106 rap. I like rapping a lot just for fun, so this assignment wasn’t too hard for me. I mainly freestyled on this track so there wasn’t much of story that was put together, just words and phrases that sounded good. I used Garageband for this assignment, as it is easy and simple to use. When I first started recording music, I would use Garageband as my recording device as I could make simple music and didn’t have to pay any money for it. I think that I could have executed better with my flow and etc, but I’m not disappointed with my performance.  I think I could have put more volume on my instrumental because it would help make my song sound better.

Step 1

Download instrumental and put into Garageband.

Step 2

Keep instrumental on dry, so it looks good.

Step 3

Record verse. Put in dreamy tone.

I think that being able to do assignments like  this for class, makes the class more exciting for me and inspires me to have the desire to do well. I tried to make my vocals sound like mumble rap, because that is what is popular in today’s world. I think that I could have done better in regards to telling a story, as I’m just saying sentences and phrases that aren’t really going into a direction.

Assignment : DS 106 Rap

Stars: 3

3 am in the morning and I’m in need of McDonalds

Have you ever been so hungry late into the night, that you had to get up and go on a food run? I have many times. This post is appreciation to those nights. In this skit I recorded I play two characters. The employee who works for McDonalds and the customer who is ordering from McDonalds. I make my customer have an accent similar to a southern person’s accent. I was inspired by the Kenny Rodgers MAD TV impersonation, and I feel like I sound very similar to him in this video. I put the audio sound into telephone mode so my audio could sound like the drive thru speaker.

Step 1

Record the interaction on Garageband. After the recording, change the sound from dry to telephone.

Assignment: May I Take Your Order

Stars: 1.5

Different day different view

In this daily create we had to take a picture of something that we usually see from a different angle. To take this picture, I went on a similar level in regards to my dog’s height.  He was very surprised when I took the picture and I thought he was going to snap at me. Luckily he didn’t, and I was able to take a great picture.

Another week Another Summary

Week two was much different than week 1. This week we had to focus on design principles and photography. I think while I was more challenged this week, I felt good about what I have done and the progress I’ve made.

Raised my stock up after this week

For my  first daily create of the week, I had to how what my growlery was. The growlery I chose was my bedroom.

For the second daily create of the week, I took a picture of my dog from a different angle. It was interesting to see my dog from a different angle, and I think he did not know what to do when I took the picture of him.

My third daily create, we had to create a data set.  I decided to go with a ratio that showed how much of  Tyler Perry’s family was related to the Good Perry and wasn’t. I thought that this was a great post because it’s a reference to some southern culture. Tyler Perry is from New Orleans and his movies have some influences from his southern roots. The Good Perry is an up and coming rapper from Atlanta. I thought combining the two would be awesome because of everything previously mentioned. I also thought that it would be great to post because the play on in words is kind of funny.

S/O Lil Boat and the Good Perry

My fourth daily create, I talked about what made me happy. I made a collage with the topics of the photos, which were photos of Lil Yachty, me playing lacrosse and Kwame Brown going up for a lay up. The collage means a lot for me as these subjects are very important to my way of life. It took some time to create the photo but I enjoyed the end result.

This week we had to complete 5 Visual assignments. These 5 assignments had to equate to 12 stars. While it was time consuming, I got to make some pretty neat edits.

The first assignment I did was creating my own signature. I used photoshop touch to make my own signature. It was a good tool to use for this assignment because it makes everything really easy to make. I had fun creating my own signature because I thought my end design looked cool. All I had to do was change the font. Enjoy

The second Visual assignment I did was creating an ad with a cartoon character. I chose Eric Cartman because he is a great spokesperson for 7-11 burritos. He would really persuade people to eat 7-11 burritos as he is a cultural icon. I had fun creating this ad. Photoshop touch was used to complete this assignment and it was the perfect choice.

The third visual assignment I did was creating a collage that fulfilled the who are you assignment. I picked a trippy background for the assignment, because I like that type of imagery. I also thought the colors looked pretty. For my collages subjects, I chose  a MacBook, Kenny Powers, and Gilbert Arenas. I chose a MacBook because I use my MacBook 24/7. I also chose my MacBook because it represents technology, something that I use everyday. I chose Kenny Powers because he is one of my idols. Eastbound & Down is one of my favorite TV shows. I chose Gilbert Arenas because he is a great representation of DC sports. During his time with the Wizards, he ran the city of DC. I truly miss him in a Wizards uniform.

The fourth Visual assignment I did was creating your own wallpaper. It was a four star assignment. I wanted a dark theme for it because I was feeling dark during the time of the assignment’s creation. A darkness that felt like an eternal burning. I also thought the design of flames would be a great way to start my picture. I then inserted a text box and wrote ds106. I’m proud of the work I did for this assignment and it was fulfilling to put so much work into something and be rewarded for it. Here it is.

The fifth Visual assignment was the are we there yet photo. It was fun to do this one as the edit completely changed the meaning of the photo. In the original photo, a baseball player is sliding into third base to steal the base. In the photo edit, this changes as the player is now sliding into the direct message. His actions are a representation of the saying “slide into the Dm’s”. It was fun to create this photo on photoshop touch as I was create the image I wanted for the edited photo. Here it is.


This week we had to do two Gifs. These were one of the more challenging but rewarding tasks we did throughout the week.

The first Gif I did was a sports play gif. It was a two and a half star assignment. I created my gif on I had initial trouble with creating the gif, as I had trouble orchestrating a sequence of scenes to make a good gif. I stayed focused and my gif ended up coming out really nice. The gif is a highlight of LA Lakers power forward dunking the basketball on Brook Lopez. This is a great gif because it’s a highlight play. It also is a great gif because it’s a great representation of why people play/watch sports, for the moments where someone makes a great play and the audience’s energy suddenly spikes up. Here is this wonderful highlight.

The second gif I did was the Rock n Roll GIF. For this Gif, I chose a video of Tom Morello killing it on the guitar. Tom Morello is one of the biggest rock stars in the world. He has been one of the best guitarists for many years. He is best known for being in the band Rage Against the Machine. I think this gif displays his personality well as he’s jamming out in front of thousands of people with his shirt off. The gif is a representation of what puts him in his euphoric state. Here it is.

This week we read a book called Vinelli Canon. The book is considered revolutionary as it changed how artists   approached their  Graphic Designs.

In the First part of the book, author Massimo Vinelli talks about the intangibles of Graphic Design. He says that the three most important intangibles are Syntactics, Pragmatics, and Semantics. He says that these are the most important intangibles in Graphic Design because they have so much influence on the work of art itself. With these intangibles, there is more clarity in the design of a project.

In the second part of the book, Vinelli talks about how the tangibles that go into a Graphic Design. Two of the tangibles that he talked were color and sequence.  He said that the main colors are  Red, Yellow, and Blue. He says that since there are only three primary colors, artists are sometimes limited in how they can express themselves. He says that these restrictions really make artists think outside of the box when they are coming up with ideas. He then talks about sequence and its importance. He says that sequence is important because it plays a big role in the reader’s enjoyment. Vinelli claims that if a sequence is structured correctly, then it will have an enormous impact on the enjoyment the reader is having from the article of literature.

Here is the full summary


The next thing I did during the week was the designblitz. This took a lot of effort and time. The project made me get out of my comfort zone and think outside of the box. At first, I was really confused. I didn’t fully grasp the assignment, so I had to read over the assignment again. After that, I had to take many photos, as I could not take a photo that was fitting to what I was trying to articulate about. Finally, after hours of struggling, I was able to break through.


For my photo that represented Color, I took a portrait of myself. It was interesting to see how the variance of color was spread throughout the photo. On the top part of my face, there was a mix of Green, Red, and Yellow. On the bottom part of my face, the main color was blue. It’s crazy to think that the pallet theory Vinelli talks about is so true! This photo took a while to create, and I used the thermal camera in Photobooth to produce it.


For my photo that represented topography, I made a design in photoshop touch that said trust me. I changed the color as well as the text to fulfill the task. It was interesting to see how little changes can make such a big difference.


For this task, I took a photo of myself. In the photo, I made sure that my face took up the majority of photo. I did this because I wanted to emphasize how you make can make false proportions by taking photos at a certain angle. I find these types of photos to be exciting because you can alter so much by doing so little.


My dominance photo was a picture of my computer and my iphone. In the photo it shows that the computer is much bigger than the iphone. While one might think that the computer is the biggest object in the photo, the table that the computer and the iphone are laying on is actually the biggest object in the photo. If I were to make a parallel to a real life concept, I guess you say that the Macbook represents a satisfied successful person. The macbook is happy that it is bigger than the iphone (average person) and feels like they have done enough in the world to kick back and relax. While the macbook feels like it has accomplished a lot, the table represents the amount of opportunities they are squandering by kicking back and relaxing. The theme of the picture is to never be satisfied, as there is always more to accomplish.

Here is the full report about my experience.


I think that this week taught  me that dedication is key to becoming successful. I knew I needed to do better after my struggles after the first week. I had to prepare myself to put more time into honing my craft. I really need to start improving my quality as it is getting frustrating to consistently see my glaring weaknesses on every task I complete. If I want to see my results come in, I have to change my attitude if I want to be able to achieve my goals.

I want to try to make my content more dark. I find it interesting when art is presented in a dark way. It definitely inflicts a lot more information. I hope I can use a darker theme so well that it can create a story within a story. I will try to make this happen by getting out of my comfort zone and expanding my knowledge as well as my abilities. I think I will put myself in a dark setting in an attempt to replicate a similar emotion in my work.

I think I need to get more involved on commenting on other people’s blogs. This week I commented on many people’s twitter status. I commented on two of Jack Belodeau’s tweets. I also commented on Jennifer Speaks’ and Ashton Harpham’s twitter statuses. Commenting on other students twitter enables people to have direct communication with each other about a subject, which is rare to see in any class.

I think that I did better this week as I’m more comfortable with the class. I think I did well with my photo edits, and I think I performed well. I think that did well in my interpretations of the assignments given to us. Now that I’ve gotten better with everything, I think I have to flat out perform in order to put myself in a position that I’ll be satisfied with when everything is all said and done.

The music I would say was best themed for this music was the Jayden Smith Batman instrumental. I really like the original song, but I needed to download the instrumental because I wanted to rap over it. Rapping is something I’ve done throughout my life and it one of my favorite hobbies. I been thinking of what I’m going to say over this instrumental, as I’ve been feeling dark lately and want my art to come out in a dark form, something that I usually don’t do.