The daily creates for week 4

I had fun making this past week’s daily creates. The tasks made me go outside of the box and get creative.

For this daily create, we made to create a picture that had something to do with the symmetry of the number 2017. The process to fulfill this assignment was very time consuming. I had to dig deep and think outside of the box to complete this task. For my picture, I used a picture of people coming together like a school of fish and forming the numbers 2017.  I thought it was interesting to me how my picture of people forming the numbers of 2017 was an exact replication of the number 2017. I think this project was fun and it was another assignment that made me get out of my comfort zone.


For this daily create we had to create an animation with a robot that was dancing. For this animation, we could personally customize how our robot was dancing. During the creation process, I made sure that my robot was dancing a certain way as his dance moves were a representation of how I was feeling at that time. My robot limbs were flying all over the place and he was constantly moving. I think that this is representative of my mood because at the time I felt like I was all over the place in regards to my emotions. With all being considered, I felt very unfocused during the time I was creating this daily create.


For this post we had to create something that sounded like it was spooky. I decided to make my sound with three beats that I recorded off garageband. The first sound is a hard edm sound which I thought was a good way to start the song because I needed an introduction to get my audience hooked. The second sound sounded like a beat make would make as it sounded like a sound you would hear from a deep house song. The third sound is a sound that is reminiscent of that to one that you would hear from a monster in a movie. I enjoyed this assignment because it really made sit down and think how I was going to be creative and make something that was innovative.

In this post, I created an image with lil b the based god. Lil B is one of my favorite artists. He has inspired a generation with his music as well as his positivity. While he gets mocked for a lot of the stuff he puts out, his best work is not usually talked about. His classic songs show why he is so special and innovative. He is truly on of my heroes.  It surprised me how much of difference there was from the original photo to the edited one. The edited one does not even look like original one at all.

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