Feedback is important

This week I spent a lot of time providing feedback on how other students in my class performed. I thought it was a great experience as I was able to get a lot out of it.

A Rainy Day

When I commented on Tyler’s blog, I was really happy with what I say. He had his post very organized and the content he was talking about was in depth. I really enjoyed the music he created with this post as he was able to think outside of the box, yet not go overboard with his production. It was smooth, simple, and to the point. I think that by looking at Tyler’s post, I was able to figure out what I need to do to make a great assignment.  It was awesome that he responded to me and used my comment as a tool to reflect on his work.

The second blog I commented on was Sarah’s post about the song she created. I think she did a great job of giving off a certain emotion with her music. I think her music was great, I really enjoyed listening to it. I hope I can make music with her level of quality someday.


In the third blog, I commented this week, I submitted my opinion on Hear Meowt’s thoughts about the TED Radio Hour/ ScottLo assignments. I really think that Hear’s description of events in the TED Radio Hour/ ScottLo posts are very accurate. The only concern I had about their posts were what did they learn from these stories.

TED Radio Hour/ScottLo Summaries

The fourth blog I commented on was Listen to Stories’ summary about Moon Graffiti. The author did a great of talking about the certain effects they heard in the audio post. Many of the same sounds that I heard during the post. In addition, they also did a great job with the sequence of events that occurred in the story. The only thing I wanted to ask them about was what did he get from listening to this post? Did it influence their work in any sort of way?

Listening to Stories: Moon Graffiti

The last blog I commented on was Leni’s post about a poem Leni recited from George Ives. I think Leni did a great job of putting all of the componets needed to make this assignment great. Leni’s tone was on point. Leni did a great job of articulating. To top all  of this off, Leni made an instrumental that was very smooth and helped fully mesh everything together. I really think the instrumental really made Leni’s work a piece of art.

Old Poem Same Feeling

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