One More Time!

Today marks the end of my crazy five week journey. I’ve learned so much during this time! The class really made me work hard! I would be up until 5:30 am in the morning working on assignments. It was difficult to deal with at first, because I’m able to complete my work for most classes in much shorter time. It is hard to face the fact that I have to do many hours of work in the summer when my friends are out having a good time! I think that was the biggest challenge for me because I had trouble managing my time. I would get distracted  by their snapchats and etc. but eventually realized I was doing something that would benefit me in the long run. I want to be in the entertainment industry. Getting frequent exposure to apps such as GarageBand, Audacity, and iMovie really helped me stay focused in this class. I’m glad we started using these apps because the experiences I had with these apps while using them for class made me realize something really important. Why would I want to go out and waste money, when I can learn some new skills and further advance myself in today’s world. After my experiences with the apps we used, I honestly would be willing to work any role in the entertainment industry that gets the bills paid.  Even though I had many distractions around me, I was able to get all of my work done. I think that this summer was a great experience for me in general because I was busy most of the time. I’ve been working 40 hours a week for my summer internship since May. I’ve also taken two classes during this time. In addition, I’ve tried out for the Ireland national lacrosse team. To top all of that off, I also have auditioned for a acting/modeling agency multiple times and have a third audition coming up in the next few months. Even though I might not get an A in this class, I’m proud of my work because even though I struggled with my time management throughout this course, I was still able to get the job done. This week I made my theme about Kyrie Irving’s current situation in Cleveland. While Kyrie has been there for quite some time, he wants to get out now. He is sick and tired of being second fiddle to LeBron. In my assignments this week, I tried my best to elaborate on the situation. It was hard for me because I felt like I didn’t have all the information I wanted to on the topic. I think that it made me realize how hard it is to be a sports reporter. When there is a hot topic like this, it is hard for the reporters to get to the bottom of the story. It is hard because they have to speculate about a subject that nobody except for a couple of people have full knowledge on, and sound fully confident in their beliefs. While we tend to criticize sports reporters for their low quality work, we tend to forget that they have a very tough role. They have to spread gossip that is going on between players, coaches, teams, etc. It is very hard to ask about the situation to people who are involved with the situation. It’s those people’s lives that are at risk. Why would they want to tell some random dude what’s going on? Kyrie and LeBron are a dynamic duo. They make the Cleveland Cavaliers. If it weren’t for them, the Cavaliers would be an awful team. This week really pushed me to limits I have never been to before. I’m glad that everything happened the way it did and I got better from it. This is my last post and I hope my audience has gotten some lesson from my posts. Enjoy!

This is the link to my how to tutorial.

This is the link to my final assignment for this class.

80% complete

This week was very exciting. I had a great time completing the assignments. While they took some time, it was great to see that my hard work was paying dividends. I think that I learned a lot from this week. I really like make videos, it’s a great form of art that enables you to fully express yourself.  Recording myself is a hobby of mine,  as I like to use apps such as Snapchat and Instagram to show the world what I am currently up to. I think that the techniques that we learned in this week’s lessons are very relevant to the construction of my future videos. I think that I will try to use these techniques to help articulate my viewpoints better. It was also beneficial learning about these techniques as a fan of movies, because I now will be able to get a better understanding of what the director is trying to articulate to the audience.

Part 1 : Video Assignments

Video Assignment 1: How to Tutorial – 4 stars

Video Assignment 2:  Play that back  – 3.5 stars

Total stars: 7.5 Stars

Part 2. Daily Creates

Daily Creates for week 4

Part 3. Look, Listen, and Analyze

Look, Listen, Analyze summary

Part 4.  Roger Ebert’s reading movies

How to read a movie

Part 5.  Comments

I tried to be more responsive to people commenting on my post’s this week. I believe that it is important to respond to other people’s comments as it shows that you’re participating the way you should be and it also shows that you are going above and beyond the expectations that are being given to you.

Part 6.  Reflection part

I think that even though there were less assignments this week, I still had to invest plenty of time. As a result, I did not manage my time like I was supposed to.  I think that really surprised me, because I expected to complete these assignments earlier than I did. For the final week, I have to manage my time better if I want to succeed. This is a lesson that I should apply to all aspects of my life. I think that I also could have done a better job of going above and beyond in my video assignments. While I worked diligently on these assignments, I think I rushed the process of creating the video. I should have committed more time into my creative process, as I think I could have made higher quality videos. I think that my experiences with IMovie  has made me confident in my video editing abilities, but I feel like I didn’t edit the videos enough. I aspire to be the best, and while I think I did a good job, you can always improve. It’s a great experience to take this class, not only for the educational lessons you learn in the class, but also for the life lessons you learn in this class. It’s distracting taking a summer course. Especially one that is online. I’m used to taking classes in person. I think that this experience has been a positive one for me in terms of improving my habits, as I’m now more committed to getting the job done the right way. This is a lesson that has affected me more directly now than it did in the past. I believe that it’s for the better that I learn that lesson now than later. I think it will help not only improve my quality of work in this class, but also help improve the quality of my life.


Another one of these

Working 40 hours a week and taking is summer class is tough. However, we all have tough situations we have to go through in life and our lives are determined in how we respond to these situations. This week was very tiring. The assignments were killing me! I was very confused at points but I got through it. I did up enjoying what we had to this week because I really enjoy making sounds and having my voice heard. When I started this week, I was not happy about how long everything was taking me to understand. I have some experience in the past with some audio software, but that did not seem to matter, as everything felt like it was going from one ear to the other. Once I started to get the hang of things my results got better. I can say that I’m proud of my work this week.

How I feel after this week.

For my first audio assignment, I decided to go with the ds106 rap. I thought that this would be a good assignment for me as I like to rap.  I decided to chose an instrumental by Kid Ocean and downloaded through my computer via youtube-mp3 converter. I really enjoyed this assignment because I was really able to express myself. I would consider this the most fun assignment I did because I was smiling and laughing during the time I was recording it. I think I did a good job on the track because I made it sound really good. I used GarageBand to record the song. Check it out.    


The second assignment I did was the required assignment. For this story we had to make a story by using sound effects. I spent a lot of time on this assignment because it took a lot of time for me to fully understand what was going on.  The intro starts out with an intro that takes the audience to what is going on. A man is woken up by his chickens on his farm as a gang attempts to kill him. To make this story I used to find some of the sounds needed to complete this assignment. I also used some clips off of Youtube.  I used GarageBand to do this assignment. Check this out.

The next assignment I did was the ordering at some fast food restaurant with an accent. I acted like I was a southern person ordering from McDonalds. I decided to do McDonald’s because it is the most common place to go at 3 in the morning and order fast food. For this assignment, I used GarageBand. I made it sound like it was going through an ordering machine as I wanted it to sound as realistic as possible. This one definitely one of the easier assignments for the week.  Check this out.

The next assignment I did was record the sounds of two instruments playing together. I thought that this assignment was pretty easy. For the assignment, I played my Bongo and recorded my playing onto GarageBand. After I did this, I added a guitar rift that sounded well with my Bongo. I really enjoyed this assignment because I love making music. Check this out.

The final audio assignment I did this week was being the DJ and playing a song. For this assignment I had to spend a lot of time on GarageBand. It was important to me that I got the job done on this one. It was fun to play around and create an instrumental . I had a great experience with this assignment and hope to do something like this again. You can view it here.

For my first daily create this week, we had to catch a phrase. To catch a phrase, you have to find a picture and put an appropriate caption on it. For my catch a phrase, I put a picture of the Fat Boys. The caption of the picture was all you can eat. I thought this was an appropriate phrase for the caption because because the Fat Boys are most famous for their song all you can eat. You can view this here.

The second daily create I did this week was make my desk into a recording studio. This process is not as bad as it seems as I didn’t have to change anything. I like it when I use my desk as a recording studio because it gives me space to place my items that I use to record my music. You can view this here. 

The third daily create I did was to annotate an ancient text. I think this one was hard for me because I could not read the written language. I had trouble making any sort of annotation, which made me really sit down and focus in. It was tough to get this assignment done but I did it. I used photoshop touch to create the annotations. You can view this here. 

The final daily create I did was another catch a phrase. I did this by creating words that had totally different meanings, but similar word structure. This assignment was difficult but I was able to get through. Find similar words was quite a challenge. I hope we never have to do anything like that again. You can view this here. 

The Moon Graffiti podcast was very interesting. It had an interesting concept, as it was an alternative ending to Apollo 11, as the crew members of the spaceship died. It resulted in Richard Nixon giving the US nation a speech about what happened. While these events were very interesting, the sound effects that were used during the podcast, are the deciding factor in what makes this piece so special. When the actors were talking into the dispatch unit, it sounded like the radio transactions that the members of that spaceship crew had. I really appreciated listening to that part. I also enjoyed the parts in which an actor portrayed the voice of  Richard Nixon. I loved hearing the speech because it sounded like some audio clip from that time period. It’s crazy to think that we can replicate sounds to make it seem like we’re from another period. You can read my full report here.

When I got to watch the Ira Glass videos, I thought he did a great of explaining what audio storytelling was. He explained that there were two types of building blocks to a story. The first anecdote, which describes what the story is and what is the sequence of story’s actions.  The purest form  of Anecdote is  one event that leads to the next. Even if it’s the most boring story, you can make it exciting by sequencing everything.  Ira Glass states that if you add a story with sequence,  the audience feels like “they are in a train that is going into a certain direction”.  Glass also points out that making bait, raising questions, are also other things that people have to do in order to keep their audience interested.

The other building block is a moment of reflection. It’s the reason why your story is special. It’s the reason why people listen to your story. While you can have a great anecdote, it means nothing if you don’t have a good moment of reflection.  Making a quality moment of reflection is time consuming, but the result is definitely worth it.

In the second  Ira Glass video, Ira talks about how hard is it to find a decent story. Finding the story can be as long or longer than the producing of the story. This process of finding a decent story is the most important as it sets the base for everything else to put its weight upon. For example, Ira Glass and his team spend about half a week looking for stories. They then pick stories that they think are interesting. After this process is completed, they chose about half of those stories and do something with them.

Other things you have to consider while doing stories are the factors of that you can’t control. These factors include the performance of the interviewee, the functioning of the equipment, etc. These factors play a big role in the overall performance.

Another point he elaborates on is how you have to accept the fact that sometimes your work will suck and you can do nothing about it. You have to accept the fact and move on. In Jad Abumrad’s video, Jad talks about how audio storytelling can be very fascinating as having the ability to describe something and put an image into someone’s head is very special. You can find my full report on the videos here. 



In the TED Radio Hour Demo, the speaker talks about how a woman who taught at MIT changed the audio game. The speaker tells us how the teacher and her graduate students went to a nursing home and saw an elderly person interact with a robot. The robot was very special. It had human like traits. The robot was sociable, and was able to have a positive interaction with humans. The robot had fur, was able to understand basic english words, and provided a source of happiness to elderly people. When the elderly woman had told the robot about the loss of her son, the robot was able to respond with a form of sympathy. This made the woman cry. It was a significant event for Humans and technology. It also made me realized that if I use certain audio techniques, then I can make an impact on how people interpret the words I’m saying. The ScottLo clips were great to hear. ScottLo did a great job talking about various ds106 audio assignments. He also talks about how to do various tricks on the Audacity software. My favorite episode from the series was Lo Down episode 9. In this episode, ScottLo talks about what a bumper is. He uses Dr. Oblivion, which was very interesting. The intro starts out with a spooky background, followed by an interesting sequence of events. The example goes above and beyond the baseline. You can read more about it here. 

I think I did a great job of being active on other people’s blog accounts. It was important to me this week to understand/appreciate the quality of work that my peers did. You can learn so much from a different point of view. I think it’s great that it’s encouraged in this class to share your opinion about other student’s work. You can view my full post here.   

Going above and beyond by responding to comments about my work from other students.


I think I did a great job of making quality music. I have pride in my music production and I believe that I showcased my talents this week. I still think I could do better in my time management, as I tend to struggle with prioritizing. I think that I should also seek more help from my teacher as well as my peers, as I believe I don’t ask enough questions about assignments, etc. I think that I could also do better if I went above and beyond, by watching more videos about the topics we are covering. I think that I could also do a better job of understanding the assignment, as I tend to overthink as I’m more worried about my performance more than the art I’m trying to create in the assignment. I elaborate furthermore about  my strengths/weaknesses in this post.




Another week Another Summary

Week two was much different than week 1. This week we had to focus on design principles and photography. I think while I was more challenged this week, I felt good about what I have done and the progress I’ve made.

Raised my stock up after this week

For my  first daily create of the week, I had to how what my growlery was. The growlery I chose was my bedroom.

For the second daily create of the week, I took a picture of my dog from a different angle. It was interesting to see my dog from a different angle, and I think he did not know what to do when I took the picture of him.

My third daily create, we had to create a data set.  I decided to go with a ratio that showed how much of  Tyler Perry’s family was related to the Good Perry and wasn’t. I thought that this was a great post because it’s a reference to some southern culture. Tyler Perry is from New Orleans and his movies have some influences from his southern roots. The Good Perry is an up and coming rapper from Atlanta. I thought combining the two would be awesome because of everything previously mentioned. I also thought that it would be great to post because the play on in words is kind of funny.

S/O Lil Boat and the Good Perry

My fourth daily create, I talked about what made me happy. I made a collage with the topics of the photos, which were photos of Lil Yachty, me playing lacrosse and Kwame Brown going up for a lay up. The collage means a lot for me as these subjects are very important to my way of life. It took some time to create the photo but I enjoyed the end result.

This week we had to complete 5 Visual assignments. These 5 assignments had to equate to 12 stars. While it was time consuming, I got to make some pretty neat edits.

The first assignment I did was creating my own signature. I used photoshop touch to make my own signature. It was a good tool to use for this assignment because it makes everything really easy to make. I had fun creating my own signature because I thought my end design looked cool. All I had to do was change the font. Enjoy

The second Visual assignment I did was creating an ad with a cartoon character. I chose Eric Cartman because he is a great spokesperson for 7-11 burritos. He would really persuade people to eat 7-11 burritos as he is a cultural icon. I had fun creating this ad. Photoshop touch was used to complete this assignment and it was the perfect choice.

The third visual assignment I did was creating a collage that fulfilled the who are you assignment. I picked a trippy background for the assignment, because I like that type of imagery. I also thought the colors looked pretty. For my collages subjects, I chose  a MacBook, Kenny Powers, and Gilbert Arenas. I chose a MacBook because I use my MacBook 24/7. I also chose my MacBook because it represents technology, something that I use everyday. I chose Kenny Powers because he is one of my idols. Eastbound & Down is one of my favorite TV shows. I chose Gilbert Arenas because he is a great representation of DC sports. During his time with the Wizards, he ran the city of DC. I truly miss him in a Wizards uniform.

The fourth Visual assignment I did was creating your own wallpaper. It was a four star assignment. I wanted a dark theme for it because I was feeling dark during the time of the assignment’s creation. A darkness that felt like an eternal burning. I also thought the design of flames would be a great way to start my picture. I then inserted a text box and wrote ds106. I’m proud of the work I did for this assignment and it was fulfilling to put so much work into something and be rewarded for it. Here it is.

The fifth Visual assignment was the are we there yet photo. It was fun to do this one as the edit completely changed the meaning of the photo. In the original photo, a baseball player is sliding into third base to steal the base. In the photo edit, this changes as the player is now sliding into the direct message. His actions are a representation of the saying “slide into the Dm’s”. It was fun to create this photo on photoshop touch as I was create the image I wanted for the edited photo. Here it is.


This week we had to do two Gifs. These were one of the more challenging but rewarding tasks we did throughout the week.

The first Gif I did was a sports play gif. It was a two and a half star assignment. I created my gif on I had initial trouble with creating the gif, as I had trouble orchestrating a sequence of scenes to make a good gif. I stayed focused and my gif ended up coming out really nice. The gif is a highlight of LA Lakers power forward dunking the basketball on Brook Lopez. This is a great gif because it’s a highlight play. It also is a great gif because it’s a great representation of why people play/watch sports, for the moments where someone makes a great play and the audience’s energy suddenly spikes up. Here is this wonderful highlight.

The second gif I did was the Rock n Roll GIF. For this Gif, I chose a video of Tom Morello killing it on the guitar. Tom Morello is one of the biggest rock stars in the world. He has been one of the best guitarists for many years. He is best known for being in the band Rage Against the Machine. I think this gif displays his personality well as he’s jamming out in front of thousands of people with his shirt off. The gif is a representation of what puts him in his euphoric state. Here it is.

This week we read a book called Vinelli Canon. The book is considered revolutionary as it changed how artists   approached their  Graphic Designs.

In the First part of the book, author Massimo Vinelli talks about the intangibles of Graphic Design. He says that the three most important intangibles are Syntactics, Pragmatics, and Semantics. He says that these are the most important intangibles in Graphic Design because they have so much influence on the work of art itself. With these intangibles, there is more clarity in the design of a project.

In the second part of the book, Vinelli talks about how the tangibles that go into a Graphic Design. Two of the tangibles that he talked were color and sequence.  He said that the main colors are  Red, Yellow, and Blue. He says that since there are only three primary colors, artists are sometimes limited in how they can express themselves. He says that these restrictions really make artists think outside of the box when they are coming up with ideas. He then talks about sequence and its importance. He says that sequence is important because it plays a big role in the reader’s enjoyment. Vinelli claims that if a sequence is structured correctly, then it will have an enormous impact on the enjoyment the reader is having from the article of literature.

Here is the full summary


The next thing I did during the week was the designblitz. This took a lot of effort and time. The project made me get out of my comfort zone and think outside of the box. At first, I was really confused. I didn’t fully grasp the assignment, so I had to read over the assignment again. After that, I had to take many photos, as I could not take a photo that was fitting to what I was trying to articulate about. Finally, after hours of struggling, I was able to break through.


For my photo that represented Color, I took a portrait of myself. It was interesting to see how the variance of color was spread throughout the photo. On the top part of my face, there was a mix of Green, Red, and Yellow. On the bottom part of my face, the main color was blue. It’s crazy to think that the pallet theory Vinelli talks about is so true! This photo took a while to create, and I used the thermal camera in Photobooth to produce it.


For my photo that represented topography, I made a design in photoshop touch that said trust me. I changed the color as well as the text to fulfill the task. It was interesting to see how little changes can make such a big difference.


For this task, I took a photo of myself. In the photo, I made sure that my face took up the majority of photo. I did this because I wanted to emphasize how you make can make false proportions by taking photos at a certain angle. I find these types of photos to be exciting because you can alter so much by doing so little.


My dominance photo was a picture of my computer and my iphone. In the photo it shows that the computer is much bigger than the iphone. While one might think that the computer is the biggest object in the photo, the table that the computer and the iphone are laying on is actually the biggest object in the photo. If I were to make a parallel to a real life concept, I guess you say that the Macbook represents a satisfied successful person. The macbook is happy that it is bigger than the iphone (average person) and feels like they have done enough in the world to kick back and relax. While the macbook feels like it has accomplished a lot, the table represents the amount of opportunities they are squandering by kicking back and relaxing. The theme of the picture is to never be satisfied, as there is always more to accomplish.

Here is the full report about my experience.


I think that this week taught  me that dedication is key to becoming successful. I knew I needed to do better after my struggles after the first week. I had to prepare myself to put more time into honing my craft. I really need to start improving my quality as it is getting frustrating to consistently see my glaring weaknesses on every task I complete. If I want to see my results come in, I have to change my attitude if I want to be able to achieve my goals.

I want to try to make my content more dark. I find it interesting when art is presented in a dark way. It definitely inflicts a lot more information. I hope I can use a darker theme so well that it can create a story within a story. I will try to make this happen by getting out of my comfort zone and expanding my knowledge as well as my abilities. I think I will put myself in a dark setting in an attempt to replicate a similar emotion in my work.

I think I need to get more involved on commenting on other people’s blogs. This week I commented on many people’s twitter status. I commented on two of Jack Belodeau’s tweets. I also commented on Jennifer Speaks’ and Ashton Harpham’s twitter statuses. Commenting on other students twitter enables people to have direct communication with each other about a subject, which is rare to see in any class.

I think that I did better this week as I’m more comfortable with the class. I think I did well with my photo edits, and I think I performed well. I think that did well in my interpretations of the assignments given to us. Now that I’ve gotten better with everything, I think I have to flat out perform in order to put myself in a position that I’ll be satisfied with when everything is all said and done.

The music I would say was best themed for this music was the Jayden Smith Batman instrumental. I really like the original song, but I needed to download the instrumental because I wanted to rap over it. Rapping is something I’ve done throughout my life and it one of my favorite hobbies. I been thinking of what I’m going to say over this instrumental, as I’ve been feeling dark lately and want my art to come out in a dark form, something that I usually don’t do.

Weekly Summary

Week 1 Summary

1.Setting up the blog and social media

In the past, I’ve used WordPress at UMW. Even though I have used it in the past, it took me some time to get back into it. I struggled at first with how to make multiple pages, only realizing that skill today. I decided to make my website, because I thought it would be easiest for me to find, while not getting traced by certain people who I don’t want to have my content exposed to. After working a little bit on my website, I transitioned my focus to creating my Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Soundcloud accounts. It was easy for me to make my accounts as I have created accounts for all those websites in the past before. While the website is going to be my main source of documentation for this class, these websites will be great supplementary contributions.

2. My introduction post.

My introduction post was short, sweet, and simple. I wasn’t trying to go for much. Just wanted to say what I had to say. 

In addition to that, I also made an intro youtube video 

3. The creation of my blog

When I created my blog, I wasn’t trying to blow people out of the water with my design. I just wanted something that made everything look smooth. I really liked the ‘Twenty Seventeen” as it gave me the right feeling. I kept the header as my blog photo (for now), as I believed that it was very fitting with my background. In addition to that, I also created an about me page. I believe that this is my favorite thing I’ve done so far because I felt like I had the most freedom regards to expressing myself with that topic.

4. Lessons in Photography

This week I learned a couple of lessons in photography.

The first lesson I learned was to create depth. I did this on my Converging lines photo. I tried to get a picture that was a great representation of the horizon during an ideal sunset. The sky was beautiful, it was nearly cotton candy like. In order to make this make great, I realized that I needed to create as much depth as possible. That’s what I exactly did.

The second lesson I learned was looking to the light. I did this on my photo in which I was looking towards the light. It sounds easy, but if you get the right amount of lighting, it can make a picture look very special. I think that I will now try to use lighting as advantage of mine when I make photos because it can make or break a photo.

5. The Photo Safari

The photo safari was a great experience. I was able to take many different photos with many different shots in a short amount of time. I decided to use my iPad for this assignment, as it was easier for me to upload my photos via iPad. When I took my photos, I was in a hotel. For the majority of the time I was in my hotel room working on the assignment, though I had to go outside and take a shot because it was so beautiful. I thought it was interesting to complete the assignment in a hotel, because in a hotel room you are confined to your room, so expressing yourself can be very difficult. This challenged me to bring my game to another level and I think I rose up to the challenge. I think the photo that was the most innovative was my abstract photo. My abstract photo was really ahead of its time. It was a photo on a photo on another photo. This type of art is not presented enough in today’s world! There needs to be more art like this. The experience was very fun and I hope to do it again sometime  soon.

6. My favorite photo of the week is easily my abstract photo. I love the innovation! The concept of the never-ending photo is something I’ve always tried to perfect. I think that one day I will be able to perfect the photo. Not many people appreciate the beauty behind it now, but when I perfect it I think I have the chance to become famous off of it. It is bold, it shows off personality and it is original.

7. Daily Creates

I posted all of my daily creates on my blog and on my twitter. I think that my favorite daily create is the one where I used a Steve Carrell GIF to express how I feel about getting to the milestone of sickness, in regards to McDonalds Big Mac’s. I think that I liked that GIF a lot because it was a great representation of what too much fast food does to a human being, it makes them regret ever thinking that greasy food was a good choice.


I ended up doing five visual assignments this week. I did My very own spubble, Color Changer, Hybrid, What’s the Meme, and a Portrait Collage.

9. I think that the biggest thing for me this week was my inability to manage my time well. While I did do work throughout the week, the amount of work I did during each day varied. I think that if I put in a more balanced effort next week, I will reap the benefits. I’m excited because I think I’m now starting to get a hang of things and this will result in me performing better next week. In addition, I also have to spend more time on taking photos. Many of my photos did not come out as nice as I would have expected them to be.

I think that my experiences with all of the social media websites in my past will help me perform well in this class. I am excited to use Soundcloud as it is one of my favorite apps to use. I love being able to express myself, and I really love it when there is a microphone around me. I cannot wait to see what we do with Soundcloud. Only time will tell.

This week I interacted with some of my classmates’ posts. I commented on Leni’s website, where I gave an in-depth response on his photo of the week (comment is awaiting moderation). I also retweeted something from ds106 daily create. In addition to that, I also commented on Marina’s #tdc2001. I think it is important to give and receive responses from your peers as it helps give you perspective on how you can improve.