This is how we do

This is my breakdown of how to create the things that I created! ENJOY!

1.  Making the motivational poster

Step one: Upload image

Step 2

Edit With Scratch filter

Step 3  Insert text box

Step 4 Transition color to red

Step 5 Final Product

2. Sportscenter clip

Step one: Insert intro

Step two:  Insert audio

Step 3: Insert outro

3.  Multi-personality

Step 1 : Record beginning of convo

Step 2: Continue recording

Step 3: Keep recording

Step 4. Don’t stop until I say stop

4.  Highlight tape

Step one: Find video

Step two : Download video

Step three: Insert video into iMovie

Step four: Insert audio from iTunes audio

Step five : Finished product

5.  Sports Hero Gif

Step one: Find clip that’s Gif worthy

Step two:  Set duration time of Gif


Step three: Caption it and you have a final product


6.  Sports Play Gif

Step one: Find clip

Step 2: Set Duration time

Step 3: Caption it and you have a masterpiece


Links used:

Sportscenter clip:

Highlight tape:

Sports hero gif

Sports play gif: