The good perry wins

In this daily create I created my own pie chart. The pie chart was created off of The chart was a determent of Tyler Perry’s perryness. The data came in and said he 86% the good perry (green) and 14% not the good perry(orange). I like this chart because it uses a play on with the last name Perry. Tyler Perry and the Good Perry are two famous entertainers. They also come from similar backgrounds. Yet they are not related. Interesting for sure.

My #ds106 picture #tdc2001 space odyssey

This picture is my representation of #tdc2001. While this picture comes from the movie The Martian, there are many similarities between the two films. I think that this photo is a great representation of a person who is out of their comfort zone and has to explore an unknown world in front of them.

My #ds106 picture #tdc2000

This post explains my mood after eating a greasy big mac from McDonalds. This would ┬ábe the representation of reaching the milestone of eating too many Big Mac’s from McDonalds that you are so disgusted about your eating habits that you have to change them #imlovinit