you might have 2 chains, but i have 2 instruments

For this assignment we had to do something that was making an instrumental with two instruments. For this assignment, I used Garageband. Garageband is great in this type of situation because it helps you find the missing sound you were looking for to perfect your song. In this assignment, I decided to use my bongo, as I love the sounds it creates. Every time I hear the sound of a Bongo, I feel a certain, special rhythm that can’t be replicated by anything else. I think that I also feel a certain story every time I hear the Bongo being played. Finding a supplementary sound to the Bongo was difficult. I tried many things, such as using my table as another sound, but it just didn’t sound right. After a while I decided that adding a guitar rift would make the song sound perfect, so that’s what I did.

Step 1:

Record playing of Bongo

Step 2

Record playing of guitar riff


After you have completed step 2, you are done with the recording of the assignments.

Assignment: Being a music producer

Stars : 4.5

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