The story of sounds

This week we had to make a story by just using sound. For this assignment I used many different things. I downloaded a couple of sounds off which included sounds such as rain, a chicken bawking, a futuristic transition. These sounds really helped me create my story. The other sounds I used for this assignment were the sounds of guns going off, a police siren, and the sound of a bomb exploding. I thought that these sounds would make a great story for a man who lives on a farm. He currently owes money to a gang. He does not know that when he gets up, the gang will be hundreds of yards away from his property. He gets woken up by his chickens and all of a sudden shots are fired towards his property. He has to react quickly and immediately gets his guns and starts firing off. The battle keeps going and going. Side house gets blown up by a rocket launcher. He thinks that there is no hope but the police come. They come in full force and save the day.

How I made this:

Step 1:

Record first two events

Step 2 :

Record transition sound

Step 4: Record police siren

Step 5: Record sound of explosion

Assignment: Sound effects story

Stars: 3.5

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