Had to do it to them with that heat

My favorite audio assignment I did this week was my ds106 rap. I like rapping a lot just for fun, so this assignment wasn’t too hard for me. I mainly freestyled on this track so there wasn’t much of story that was put together, just words and phrases that sounded good. I used Garageband for this assignment, as it is easy and simple to use. When I first started recording music, I would use Garageband as my recording device as I could make simple music and didn’t have to pay any money for it. I think that I could have executed better with my flow and etc, but I’m not disappointed with my performance.  I think I could have put more volume on my instrumental because it would help make my song sound better.

Step 1

Download instrumental and put into Garageband.

Step 2

Keep instrumental on dry, so it looks good.

Step 3

Record verse. Put in dreamy tone.

I think that being able to do assignments like  this for class, makes the class more exciting for me and inspires me to have the desire to do well. I tried to make my vocals sound like mumble rap, because that is what is popular in today’s world. I think that I could have done better in regards to telling a story, as I’m just saying sentences and phrases that aren’t really going into a direction.

Assignment : DS 106 Rap

Stars: 3

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