Go Dj, that’s my DJ

This right here, was a fun assignment. I loved doing this assignment because I love to create music. My music production isn’t the best, but I enjoy the overall process of music production. Using many different instruments to record a song is so fun! I get so fired up every time I do it, even if it’s not the best quality. For this assignment I tried to blend a lot of different instruments that are used for different genres into one. Blending different genres together is in essence like a melting pot of people with different ethnicities. I thought that I could make a solid song from uses all these instruments from different genres and blending them into one.

Step one:

Create a hip hop drum machine beat

Step 2

Create an classic drum beat.

Step 3

Create a house beat.

Step 4

Add a drum rift as well as a strings rift.

After completing step 4, you have created your instrumental.

Assignment: Play DJ and make a Song

Stars: 4.5

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