This is how we do

This is my breakdown of how to create the things that I created! ENJOY!

1.  Making the motivational poster

Step one: Upload image

Step 2

Edit With Scratch filter

Step 3  Insert text box

Step 4 Transition color to red

Step 5 Final Product

2. Sportscenter clip

Step one: Insert intro

Step two:  Insert audio

Step 3: Insert outro

3.  Multi-personality

Step 1 : Record beginning of convo

Step 2: Continue recording

Step 3: Keep recording

Step 4. Don’t stop until I say stop

4.  Highlight tape

Step one: Find video

Step two : Download video

Step three: Insert video into iMovie

Step four: Insert audio from iTunes audio

Step five : Finished product

5.  Sports Hero Gif

Step one: Find clip that’s Gif worthy

Step two:  Set duration time of Gif


Step three: Caption it and you have a final product


6.  Sports Play Gif

Step one: Find clip

Step 2: Set Duration time

Step 3: Caption it and you have a masterpiece


Links used:

Sportscenter clip:

Highlight tape:

Sports hero gif

Sports play gif:

Kyrie Kyrie Kyrie

Kyrie Irving is a great player. There’s no denying that. I think the situation he has gone through with LeBron is a little TMZesque. It’s unfortunate that two great players can’t get through tough times like these. I really respected these two because they stayed in the Eastern Conference, at a time when every great player has gone to the Western Conference to challenge the Golden State Warriors. Kyrie has been with the Cleveland Cavaliers ever since he has been drafted. He has really worked hard to become one of the best players in the NBA. I think that he got frustrated with the fact that LeBron was the face of the franchise. It must get into a players head when they are a superstar but don’t receive the credit they deserve. I believe that’s how Kyrie feels right now. He doesn’t want to be second fiddle anymore. He wants to be the face of the franchise. I remember a kid from Cleveland once told me that Lebron was going to come back from Cleveland after he was done with his stint in Miami. I remember laughing at him because I did not believe that was going to happen. A year and a half later, it happened. I think Kyrie Irving knew the potential of this  event occurring, because when LeBron was away from Cleveland, they were notorious for tanking. They tanked so they could get players like Kyrie Irving and Tristian Thompson, so that when Lebron returned, he had a team around him. At the beginning of his career, Kyrie was the face of the franchise.

Kyrie always liked having the ball in his hands.

He was able to do what he wanted to, and there weren’t many consequences for the mistakes he made. He was able to make himself into a legit player. His combination of driving and shooting, made it hard for other people to guard him. He had already won an NBA All-Star MVP the year before LeBron returned. When the king returned, Kyrie saw something in front of his face that was more exciting than an All-Star MVP: an NBA championship. Winning was the only option.

Some quality Kyrie highlights

The expectations were win now and forever. When LeBron returned to Cleveland, Kyrie was still only 22 years old. In addition, the Cavaliers just acquired Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves; a perennial all-star. The sky was the limit. While it took the Cavaliers newly renovated roster some time to mesh together, the big 3 (Love, LeBron, and Kyrie) were able to make it to the finals. They unfortunately were defeated by the Golden State Warriors. The Cavaliers were eager for redemption. They made more roster moves the following offseason to make sure that they would be crowned champions the following season.

That next season, a lot of things started to hit the fan. The Cavs were doing well, but not well enough that their coaches job would be sacrificed because of their underwhelming performances. They had to make a lot of midseason adjusts in order to position themselves in a good spot. Not only were the Warriors setting records with their performances, but Boston was starting to become a legit contender in the Eastern Conference. Cleveland had to step it’s game up. If they wanted to win now, they had to go balls to the wall. That’s exactly what they did. They fought through the playoffs and came out on top. They became the first team in NBA history to win an NBA Finals series in 7 after being down 3-1. The man who made the series defining play was not LeBron James, it was Kyrie Irving. Kyrie’s dagger in the final minute of the series secured the Cavaliers’ first ever NBA title.

Players make plays

It seemed like there were more titles coming Cleveland’s way. They had just defeated the team with the best regular season record in NBA history. They were destined for at least another. However, that offseason the Warriors made more moves. They acquired Kevin Durant, a top 3 player in the NBA. The Cavs were not able to sign a player of that magnitude. While they got through the Eastern Conference with ease again, they were not able to defeat the Golden State Warriors. They were defeated again.

This past offseason, every team that is a position to contend has made a roster move to significantly better their team. While the Cavs have acquired some good roll players, they haven’t picked up a superstar. Before the NBA draft, LeBron supposedly told the Cleveland front office that he wanted to trade for Chris Paul in exchange for Kyrie Irving. Kyrie heard about this rumor and wanted out. He was sick and tired of being second fiddle. Not only was he second fiddle, the face of the franchise wanted him out.

Destination: Anywhere but Cleveland

Kyrie now wants to start over again. He has a ring. He’s done a lot for the city of Cleveland. He truly wants to be the face of the franchise and not worry about the status of his job. Job security is something that we all strive for, and that’s what Kyrie is looking for right now. He has requested a trade. He wants to either go to a winner or a big market team. While he could end up somewhere like New York or San Antonio, one likely spot he might end up at is Phoenix. They have the trading pieces Cleveland desires and LeBron has been working out with Phoenix’s starting point guard, Eric Bledsoe. Bledsoe is a great fit in Cleveland as he can work off ball and score at will. Throw in a blue chip player and a draft pick; it’s a deal.


While all this is going on, we have to sit and wait. We can speculate all we want, but until anything is finalized, all we have is talk. I think that what makes sports great. Not only are they fun to watch, but they are great conversation starters. If you want to interact with someone, bringing up something relevant in the sports world will normally  be a good way to start. I think that while Kyrie is likely to get traded, there’s a chance that he won’t. I remember in 2007, Kobe Bryant wanted to get traded. He was tired of being defeated in the first round of the playoffs. He wanted a different challenge. However, he kept on working hard and ended up not getting traded. That ended up being great for him as he won two more championships and retired arguably as the greatest Laker of all time. It will be interesting to see what happens with Kyrie. I hope the best for him and I truly hope he stays in Cleveland. For now we can only talk and speculate.


One More Time!

Today marks the end of my crazy five week journey. I’ve learned so much during this time! The class really made me work hard! I would be up until 5:30 am in the morning working on assignments. It was difficult to deal with at first, because I’m able to complete my work for most classes in much shorter time. It is hard to face the fact that I have to do many hours of work in the summer when my friends are out having a good time! I think that was the biggest challenge for me because I had trouble managing my time. I would get distracted  by their snapchats and etc. but eventually realized I was doing something that would benefit me in the long run. I want to be in the entertainment industry. Getting frequent exposure to apps such as GarageBand, Audacity, and iMovie really helped me stay focused in this class. I’m glad we started using these apps because the experiences I had with these apps while using them for class made me realize something really important. Why would I want to go out and waste money, when I can learn some new skills and further advance myself in today’s world. After my experiences with the apps we used, I honestly would be willing to work any role in the entertainment industry that gets the bills paid.  Even though I had many distractions around me, I was able to get all of my work done. I think that this summer was a great experience for me in general because I was busy most of the time. I’ve been working 40 hours a week for my summer internship since May. I’ve also taken two classes during this time. In addition, I’ve tried out for the Ireland national lacrosse team. To top all of that off, I also have auditioned for a acting/modeling agency multiple times and have a third audition coming up in the next few months. Even though I might not get an A in this class, I’m proud of my work because even though I struggled with my time management throughout this course, I was still able to get the job done. This week I made my theme about Kyrie Irving’s current situation in Cleveland. While Kyrie has been there for quite some time, he wants to get out now. He is sick and tired of being second fiddle to LeBron. In my assignments this week, I tried my best to elaborate on the situation. It was hard for me because I felt like I didn’t have all the information I wanted to on the topic. I think that it made me realize how hard it is to be a sports reporter. When there is a hot topic like this, it is hard for the reporters to get to the bottom of the story. It is hard because they have to speculate about a subject that nobody except for a couple of people have full knowledge on, and sound fully confident in their beliefs. While we tend to criticize sports reporters for their low quality work, we tend to forget that they have a very tough role. They have to spread gossip that is going on between players, coaches, teams, etc. It is very hard to ask about the situation to people who are involved with the situation. It’s those people’s lives that are at risk. Why would they want to tell some random dude what’s going on? Kyrie and LeBron are a dynamic duo. They make the Cleveland Cavaliers. If it weren’t for them, the Cavaliers would be an awful team. This week really pushed me to limits I have never been to before. I’m glad that everything happened the way it did and I got better from it. This is my last post and I hope my audience has gotten some lesson from my posts. Enjoy!

This is the link to my how to tutorial.

This is the link to my final assignment for this class.

The daily creates for week 4

I had fun making this past week’s daily creates. The tasks made me go outside of the box and get creative.

For this daily create, we made to create a picture that had something to do with the symmetry of the number 2017. The process to fulfill this assignment was very time consuming. I had to dig deep and think outside of the box to complete this task. For my picture, I used a picture of people coming together like a school of fish and forming the numbers 2017.  I thought it was interesting to me how my picture of people forming the numbers of 2017 was an exact replication of the number 2017. I think this project was fun and it was another assignment that made me get out of my comfort zone.


For this daily create we had to create an animation with a robot that was dancing. For this animation, we could personally customize how our robot was dancing. During the creation process, I made sure that my robot was dancing a certain way as his dance moves were a representation of how I was feeling at that time. My robot limbs were flying all over the place and he was constantly moving. I think that this is representative of my mood because at the time I felt like I was all over the place in regards to my emotions. With all being considered, I felt very unfocused during the time I was creating this daily create.


For this post we had to create something that sounded like it was spooky. I decided to make my sound with three beats that I recorded off garageband. The first sound is a hard edm sound which I thought was a good way to start the song because I needed an introduction to get my audience hooked. The second sound sounded like a beat make would make as it sounded like a sound you would hear from a deep house song. The third sound is a sound that is reminiscent of that to one that you would hear from a monster in a movie. I enjoyed this assignment because it really made sit down and think how I was going to be creative and make something that was innovative.

In this post, I created an image with lil b the based god. Lil B is one of my favorite artists. He has inspired a generation with his music as well as his positivity. While he gets mocked for a lot of the stuff he puts out, his best work is not usually talked about. His classic songs show why he is so special and innovative. He is truly on of my heroes.  It surprised me how much of difference there was from the original photo to the edited one. The edited one does not even look like original one at all.

80% complete

This week was very exciting. I had a great time completing the assignments. While they took some time, it was great to see that my hard work was paying dividends. I think that I learned a lot from this week. I really like make videos, it’s a great form of art that enables you to fully express yourself.  Recording myself is a hobby of mine,  as I like to use apps such as Snapchat and Instagram to show the world what I am currently up to. I think that the techniques that we learned in this week’s lessons are very relevant to the construction of my future videos. I think that I will try to use these techniques to help articulate my viewpoints better. It was also beneficial learning about these techniques as a fan of movies, because I now will be able to get a better understanding of what the director is trying to articulate to the audience.

Part 1 : Video Assignments

Video Assignment 1: How to Tutorial – 4 stars

Video Assignment 2:  Play that back  – 3.5 stars

Total stars: 7.5 Stars

Part 2. Daily Creates

Daily Creates for week 4

Part 3. Look, Listen, and Analyze

Look, Listen, Analyze summary

Part 4.  Roger Ebert’s reading movies

How to read a movie

Part 5.  Comments

I tried to be more responsive to people commenting on my post’s this week. I believe that it is important to respond to other people’s comments as it shows that you’re participating the way you should be and it also shows that you are going above and beyond the expectations that are being given to you.

Part 6.  Reflection part

I think that even though there were less assignments this week, I still had to invest plenty of time. As a result, I did not manage my time like I was supposed to.  I think that really surprised me, because I expected to complete these assignments earlier than I did. For the final week, I have to manage my time better if I want to succeed. This is a lesson that I should apply to all aspects of my life. I think that I also could have done a better job of going above and beyond in my video assignments. While I worked diligently on these assignments, I think I rushed the process of creating the video. I should have committed more time into my creative process, as I think I could have made higher quality videos. I think that my experiences with IMovie  has made me confident in my video editing abilities, but I feel like I didn’t edit the videos enough. I aspire to be the best, and while I think I did a good job, you can always improve. It’s a great experience to take this class, not only for the educational lessons you learn in the class, but also for the life lessons you learn in this class. It’s distracting taking a summer course. Especially one that is online. I’m used to taking classes in person. I think that this experience has been a positive one for me in terms of improving my habits, as I’m now more committed to getting the job done the right way. This is a lesson that has affected me more directly now than it did in the past. I believe that it’s for the better that I learn that lesson now than later. I think it will help not only improve my quality of work in this class, but also help improve the quality of my life.


Reading Movies with the sound off

For this assignment, we had to evaluate what was going on in a movie scene. The scene of the movie I chose was Fight Club.  Growing up, Fight Club was one of my favorite movies. I personally think Edward Norton Jr. and Brad Pitt do a great job in this movie. They both work very well together in this movie.  In the scene I chose, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) is interrogating the police chief. He and his gang Project Mayhem are intentionally inflicting fear into the police chief. They tie him up and tape his mouth shut so they can get into his head. They also inflict fear into him by showing their weapons they have. I really like how the camera man uses certain camera techniques to get his point across.

Amount of times camera angles switch- 8

When the camera points to the man who’s tied up and taped down, it implies that the camera is trying to give off a vibe that the man is fearful of what could happen to him. When the camera goes to the group of who are currently interrogating the camera gives off the connotation that these individuals have the upper hand. They are looking at the man with a “truck shot” camera angle. It was also interesting to see that when Tyler Durden was coming closer to the screen as he started to his tone kept getting more dark.

It’s interesting to hear the audio without watching the video because it makes the listener have a better feeling of the intensity that the group of people led by Tyler have when they are talking to the man who’s tied up.  They are clearly trying to give off a dark tone, as they are expressing their angry emotions towards the police chief. You can also feel the fear in the man who is tied up, as he is desperate in that he is fearful of what will happen to him. His muffled voice represents that of a man who is attempting to make a plea that his life does not get ended. 

When I watched the scene with my eyes fixated on the screen and the volume fully turned up, I realized that some of the men who were torturing the man were in masks, while some of them were not in masks. This interests me because why would some of the men be in masks while there are others who are not in masks? Do these people in the masks have to hide from the person being interrogated? Why would some of the men show their faces to the police chief? Are they so confident that the chief will be able to do nothing to them?

Making music with me

I’m In this post, I talk about how to make a song with GarageBand. This assignment was pretty difficult.  I was recording this song while using GarageBand on my mac. I usually record music with GarageBand off my iPad. The mac version I have is more up to date, so there was an adjustment period for me. Making the song takes a lot of time. It normally takes me a few hours to make a song. I made this specific song in about a couple of hours. I had to make my assignment a little bit different than what the prompt asks for because the background music I was attempting to use did not mesh well with the music I was creating in the video. This part of my editing took a long time because I was trying to find a sound that would mesh well with my video, but I ended up coming empty handed in terms of that.  The editing of this video was also a hassle because I used IMovie off my iPhone. This was a transition for me, because I was used to using an older version of IMovie off my iPad. Despite all the difficulties and setbacks I had during the recording and editing of this video, I was able to make a final product that I have a lot of pride in.


Assignment: How To Tutorial

Stars: 4

Step 1: find your first instrumental

Step 2: Add second instrumental and extend loops.

Step 3: Play out instrumental to get mind going

Step 4: Write out lyrics

Step 5: Listen to newly recorded vocals.

Step 6: Make changes to the sound of the audio

Step 7:  Play out final product

On my way to becoming the best big man


Kareem is my only competition. That’s it. In this assignment, we had to pick a certain sports play. In this video I try to replicate the sky hook shot, a lethal basketball move. The sky hook shot is regarded as one of the hardest shots to guard. It was perfected by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, whose sky hook was so good that it changed the game of basketball forever. The shot was so hard to block because Kareem used his height (He was over 7 feet) and his altered delivery (he shot it from his ear) to his advantage. While I can’t use the move as effectively as Kareem did (I’m only 5’9), I still am able to use the move with success. I typically like to use this move when I’m attacking the basket, but can’t perform a layup as someone is protecting the rim. In this video I display my sky hook, and attempt to perform the move from both sides of the hoop. I think that being able to use the Sky Hook with both of your hands is important, because it makes your defender have to guard you squared up, as he can’t play you from one side. To film this video, I had to use the stem of the basketball hoop from the other side of the court as a phone holder. I wish I could have had a camera pod on me as it would have helped give me a balanced look.  I think that while I could have maybe trimmed the video a little bit more, I really like how I attempt to use the move with both of my hands, as it helps give my audience perspective about how hard it is to execute this move.

Assignment: Play that back

Stars: 3.5

Step 1. Attack the hoop

Step 2: Get on up

Step 3: Let it fly

Step 4: Swish

Sources cited:






How to read a movie

Reading Roger Ebert’s Reading Movies made me realize so much. I knew when I was going to learn a lot from the article, as Roger Ebert is one of the influential people in the movie critic industry. He was one of first movie critics. Many of the things he used to evaluate a movie with as a critic are still used for evaluating movies today. While there are many things that I could talk about from this article, there are a few things that stuck out to me.


One of the things that stuck out to me from the article, was Ebert talking about how the movement of the camera was a determinant of the mood the director was trying to portray. If the camera is moving to the left, then it is less favorable. However, of the camera is moving to the right it is more favorable. It was also interesting to hear Ebert say that the future would  be on the right, while the past would be on the left. At first that sounded weird to me, but after a while I was able to get my head around that concept. It makes sense because if you look at a timeline, the past is usually on the left side of the line, while the future is usually on the right side of the line.

Another part of the article that was interesting to me was his belief that intrinsic weighting meant so much when reading a movie. It was interesting that he discussed this theory and then mentioned how things such as the lighting, color, dialogue, portrayal of actors, etc. could have so many opinions. It made a lot of sense to me because film is an expression of art; which is meant to be interpreted in many ways. These interpretations can variate from being obvious to obscure.  I think that a good example of an scene that uses the intrinsic weighting principle is the flushing of the toilet in the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho.   In the movie, one of the characters, Marion Crane, flushes paper down the toilet. She flushes the toilet as she has stolen money from her boss and puts a written documentation of what she stole down the toilet. However, not all of the paper goes down the toilet. This becomes important when her sister and boyfriend come looking for her (as she’s missing), part of the paper is found. It is concrete evidence that Marion was actually staying at the Bates Motel.

The lessons I learned from this article will truly help me now fully understand and appreciate the art in movies. I will now try to look at certain scenes, and see if I see anything different than I did the first time I saw the scene. Reading this article makes me truly appreciate the greatness of Roger Ebert, as he was one of a kind.

Talking Symmetry

For this daily create, we made to create a picture that had something to do with the symmetry of the number 2017. The process to fulfill this assignment was very time consuming. I had to dig deep and think outside of the box to complete this task. For my picture, I used a picture of people coming together like a school of fish and forming the numbers 2017.  I thought it was interesting to me how my picture of people forming the numbers of 2017 was an exact replication of the number 2017. I think this project was fun and it was another assignment that made me get out of my comfort zone.